Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday 7th February

A very good morning to you...

Phil's Dilemma
So you're walking down the street and something catches your eye. Is it? Yes; it's a £20 note.

What to do? Well it happened to Phil yesterday in Reading. This prompted a lively debate, with lots of callers with ideas including donate the money to charity or take the money to a local police station. Poor Phil, the audience decided that he is not a charity...

The International Staff Songsters

The famous choir of the Salvation Army is visiting Oxfordshire for the first time this week. Elaine Heaven (who is a member of the choir) and Captain Mark Wolstenhome came in to the studio to talk all about it.


Dr Brenda Boardman, Emeritus Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute and author of 'Fixing Fuel Poverty' (ISBN: 978-1844077441), joined Phil to discuss what for many is the biggest issue of the day: climate change. How does she view those who claim there is no such thing as man-made climate change? How can fuel poverty be eradicated when there is a global drive to massively reduce fuel consumption?

The Pope
With The Pope confirming this week that he will be visiting the UK later in the year, Phil spoke to Charles Wookey, the Assistant General Secretary of the Catholic Bishop's Conference, about some of the main issues facing the Church today.

Our paper reviewer today was Rev. David Wilbraham (above), the chaplain of the Thames Valley Police.

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