Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sunday 14th February

Georgia's Heart Galaxy

I had a chat to Georgia Barrie a Physics student at Oxford University who came across this amazing (and very appropriate to the day) galaxy. It is actually called
587729227151704160, but the campaign is on to make it 'Georgia's Heart' Galaxy and she found it while helping catalogue galaxies on the Galaxy Zoo website which was set up by the University.

Economics vs. The Environment

I caught up with a fascinating man at Oxford's Earthwatch Institute, Pavan Sukhdev, who heads up the UN's Environment Programme and is in charge of a new study - TEEB - which is all about the relationship between economics and the environment. As well as hearing about his work I asked him how he remained so positive, especially after Copenhagen.


The Prison Reform Trust has just called for prisoners to be given the vote. I spoke to Gram Seed, a former prisoner himself, who thought this is not by any means the biggest issue facing prisoners today. He has founded a charity, Sowing Seeds Ministries, and told us a little about what they do.

Our paper reviewer this morning was Ken Barnes, from the American Mission in Oxford.

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