Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday 17th January

Good morning. Well, the snow seems to be on its way out for now-however in its place there is ice and it has not been easy going on the county's roads.

A packed breakfast show this morning, with all sorts to think about.

The latest from Haiti as Phil spoke to the head of Tearfund's Disaster Management Unit, Oenone Chadburn. We also listened to a Haitian Methodist Minister who has not heard from his family since the earthquake struck.

The Disasters Emergency Committee website is here:

Equality Law vs. Faith?
The Editor of the Church of England newspaper, Colin Blakely, discussed the issues raised by the new Equality Bill. Is it a necessary measure to bring equality and fairness to all of our institutions, or does it represent a genuine threat to religious freedom?

Charity Armed Forces Walk
Phil caught up with Anne Cox who is in the midst of a 500 mile walk organised by Honour Our Troops- a not-for-profit organisation- and is braving the elements to raise money and increase awareness of the difficulties faced by serving soldiers and their families.
Our paper reviewer this morning was the Reverend Sarah Tillett, the Minister for Bloxham parish and also a director of Tearfund.

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