Saturday, 23 January 2010

Saturday 23rd January

I'm still recovering for my adventure in to the world of TV last night, if only someone had told me my collar was turned up!
County Swap Shop
This morning Frances Buckle stood in for Eco Guru Simon to tell us about this years annual clear out that is the Swap Shop. If you missed it today there are plenty that happen other weeks have a look at the Community Action Group website.

Walk for Haiti
There are plenty of events happening around the world raising money for those caught up in the earthquake in Haiti. Justin Davis from Blackbird Leys and some friends will be walking from the community centre along the Cowley Road in to the city centre raising money as they walk.

The Disasters Emergency Committee website is here: if you want to help the national campaign.

The Landfill Prize
This follows on quite nicely from the Swap Shops. An award for the object that has the least use and takes up valuable space in our rubbish tips. Things like the Motorised Ice Cream Cone and the Ear Dryer are already on the list. What would you add?

Next week we are off on the next Get Active Walk. If you fancy joining me and the team, then have a look at the details here.

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