Saturday, 28 August 2010

Saturday August 28

As I move on to pastures new (weekdays 4-7 pm if you haven't heard) we signed off with a show packed full of fun.
Making Waves
We spoke to Jubilee Sailing Trust sailor, David Sage who was setting off for a 100 mile row down the river Thames in order to raise funds for the sailing charity. The five day row is in memory of David's godson, Lieutenant Dougie Dalzell who was sadly killed in combat on his 27th birthday in February this year. Dougie's Sergeant, John Amer, was also killed by another explosion and three other members of Dougie's platoon were badly injured, including loss of limbs as a result of the same explosion.
To sponsor this exciting and worthy challenge please visit:

Engine Cleaning
We also caught up with Steve Atkins who is also doing his bit for charity.
But he's not rowing down the Thames, walking the Ridgeway or swimming the channel. He's cleaning...a TRAIN, well, an engine, at Didcot.
And it's going to take him up to a week...
For more information visit:

Dorchester Crafts
Professional crafts people are showing off their skills at Dorchester Abbey over the next three days.
It follows a very successful event two years ago -- but this one is bigger.
The crafts being featured this year are carving, lettering, building and restoring in stone; woodworking and furniture making; stained glass; lime-wash, plastering and wattle and daub; lead working; blacksmithing; calligraphy; illumination; bookbinding; wall painting and embroidery.
Sue Nixon told listeners all about the event.

Uffington White Horse Show
If you fancy getting out into the countryside tomorrow or on Monday - you might like to visit the Uffington show - which is in its 39th year.
This two day show has lots of new attractions including racing pigs and a lurcher display as well as a vulcan bomber, and their traditional Sunday service, in a picturesque spot.
It's very much a community based event, and money raised goes back into projects for the villages of Uffington, Baulking and Woolstone.
Organisor Mike Thomas joined us to explain all about what's going on.
For more details visit:

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