Saturday, 24 July 2010

Saturday July 24

Get active, love parks
The breakfast show encourages listeners to enjoy the great outdoors today as we set-off on the Get Active walk in Henley from 10.45-11am at the car park between Hambledon and Mill End.

Love Parks Week
Hug a tree or stroke a flower as today kicks-off Love Parks Week.
Emma Williams from the Botanic Gardens, who explained how they are holding a Great Plant Picnic.
She said how the public can enjoy a trail around the Garden. Bring a picnic, relax and enjoy live music, family cooking and flower themed stories.
For more information and to find out about other places getting involved

Idle Motion
In a couple of weeks time the Edinburgh Fringe gets underway and it's always surprising who takes part. Returning again this year is our very own physical theatre company Idle Motion!
They have a new production called The Vanishing Horizon and to explain all, company manager Grace Chapman and Ellie Simpson came in to the studio.
They explained how the show is improvised and created from workshops.
For more information about the tour visit:

Samaritans Get Motoring
One organisation that you can count on to be there when times are tough is of course The Samaritans. They are a round-the-clock service and are running a campaign to remind us of that. It's called 24:7 and oddly, it involved driving a little green smart car.
Helen and Matthew from the organisation popped in to tell listeners all about the initiative.
For more information about the Samaritans visit:

Kidney Care Project
A pioneering new project designed to help young adults with long term kidney conditions, has been launched at the John Radcliffe Hospital.
Dan Lonsdale has first hand experience of how a centre could make a difference, as last year he gave his kidney to his brother Jamie.
He told listeners all about this and how his brother went on to win Gold at the Transplant Games in China.

Free London 2012
To mark the two year countdown to the London Olympics, Oxford leisure centres are opening their doors to all comers with a weekend of free activities and celebration challenges.
Paul Williams is a fitness instructor and is challenging people to get rowing and the Ferry Leisure centre.
He joined us in the studio to explain all about the initiative.

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