Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sunday 6th June

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Beyond Football in South Africa
Phil was joined in the studio by the Rev. Charlotte Bannister-Parker (right, above) and Kathryn Ellis (left, above). Charlotte is the Bishop of Oxford's Advisor for Overseas Programmes, and Kathryn has organised a charity called Fund a Football, which aims to raise money and then provide footballs for South African parishes that they both visited recently. The parishes are in the Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman in South Africa.

We also heard from Andy Drake from Christian Vision for Men, as well as Deacon David Bright from Wallingford Baptist Church. Andy spoke about how some churches are trying to get more men visiting by screening world cup matches. Wallingford Baptist Church is one church that will be doing this.

To support Fund a Football, you can send a cheque to:

Kidlington PCC, Parish Office, 19 Mill Street, Kidlington OX5 2EE. Marked "Fund A Football".

Conservation and Christianity

Phil spoke to Robert Sluka, who volunteers for A Rocha, which is a Christian conservation organisation.

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