Saturday, 15 May 2010

Saturday May 15

U's Mania
This weekend revolved around Oxford United's march to Wembley as they look to gain promotion to league two.
We looked at the build-up to the game as well as a host of events taking place around the county.

Strictly Great Tew
Political editor and strictly star John Sergeant spoke to us about why he feels Great Tew is his iconic place in England.
He explained how growing up in the village during the 1950's as the son of a vicar was an interesting childhood and how the village managed to stave off modern living to uphold its traditional ways.

Identity Project
Dr Daniel Glaser joined us to explain all about The Identity Project happening this weekend in Oxford.
The project is a series of exhibitions, talks and films exploring who we are and what influences our thinking and understanding of human identity and will take place throughout the summer at venues across the city.
Dr Glaser told listeners about a host of events happening in the city including a screening of Nature's Great Experiment - a short film looking at twin studies.
For more information visit:

Levellers Day
Oxfordshire plays host to world experts today to discuss the future global food shortage.
It's happening in Burford on Levellers Day - which commemorates the stand Levellers soldiers took against Oliver Cromwell's supression in the 1600's.
Author Tristram Stuart spoke to us about the event and some of the discussions that will take place. He explained that they will be looking at why are we facing this potential food shortage in the future and how serious the problem could be.

The OSCA's come to Oxford
Eco-guru Simon Kenton from the Community Action Group (CAG) joined us to explain about the new green awards taking place in Oxfordshire.
Oxfordshire County Council will be hosting the Oxfordshire Sustainability and Conservation Awards (OSCA's) in July.
If your local school or community group is currently involved in a project that helps to reduce waste, save energy or increase biodiversity then they want to hear from you!
The top prize for each category is £1,500. For more information and to enter online, visit:
Deadline for entries 16th June 2010.

Paper Review
Mark Mullen, music teacher from Cokethorpe School, reviewed this weekend's papers and all the top stories.
Stories making the headlines included: the fallout from the election, the nurse victimised for whistleblowing abuse at her hospital and England striker Wayne Rooney sporting a big beard.

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