Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunday 21st March

A very good morning.

Wesley Smith (below - looking very bright at 6.30am!) in for Phil.

The Devotion this morning was read by David Huss (below), the Curate at St. Paul's in Banbury. Some other highlights:


This afternoon there will be special prayers said at the site where Archbishop Thomas Cranmer - who wrote the Church of England's first liturgy - was burnt to death in Oxford's Broad Street. Prudence Dailey - the Chairman of the Prayer Book Society (below) came into the studio to talk to Wes about today's events and the life and work of this Christian Martyr.

Pope Visit

Following the announcement of the Pope's visit to Britain this summer, Wesley spoke to Terry Sanderson from the National Secular Society. The Society has said that the Catholic Church should pick up the bill for the visit instead of the British taxpayer. Expressing some controversial opinions, this was a thought-provoking interview.

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