Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday 16th November

Kalyan Das led the reflection this morning and Hedley Feast the Devotional. Helen Ann Hartley looked through the papers and also talked about the Shi Shi Go Shan festival in Faith Matters.

Songs of Praise
Todays programme is from Witney, so we had a chat to the minister of High Street Methodist Church in Witney who hosted the team.

I played the new song from Howard Jones called Soon you'll go. It's off his album Ordinary Heroes.

We looked at Interfaith Week and a special memorial service remembering those involved in Road Traffic Accidents. The latter is happening at St Mary's Church at 3pm.

Plus, we talked to Professor Diarmaid Macculloch about his TV series The History of Christianity currently playing on BBC Four. You can catch up on the series by following this link: Click here...

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